Great Photo Tour Recommendation

Last September, my wife and I decided to visit Grand Teton National Park for a fall vacation. Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks have always been on our bucket list for places to visit.

Having never been to either park, I did some checking on photo tours so I could maximize the value of our time while visiting. We looked at many photo tour outfits in the Jackson, Wyoming area. Frankly, most were quite expensive. I mentioned our upcoming trip to a few folks at the Houston Camera Exchange, and the name Jeff Clow came up. We were told he was very reasonable and extremely knowledgeable about the area.

Since we were only a few weeks away from our trip, I immediately contacted Jeff. As luck would have it, Jeff was concluding a group photo tour shortly after our arrival. He agreed to stay over a few days and gave my wife and I a private tour for a full day.

Jeff’s company is called Dirt Cheap Photo Tours. The name can be misleading. Jeff’s tour is very reasonable compared to the others we looked into. There is nothing dirt cheap about Jeff’s knowledge and places to go. He is a Texan, so we hit it off right away. Jeff picked us up before sunrise and returned us to the hotel after sunset.

Not only does Jeff know the area and where to be and the best time for the shot, he is a great photographer and a great person. He had many useful tips that improved my success rate. Some the images I captured with Jeff are in the Landscape Portfolio of my website. If you have not had a chance to view them, please take a moment to look. If you are considering a trip to Grand Teton National Park and looking for a photo guide, I strongly encourage you to contact Jeff. He can be reached at Jeff also has a great eBook available titled "Dirt Cheap Photo Guide to Grand Teton National Park". It is well written and is a great guide to get you in the right place at the right time.

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